Children’s Community and School Based Behavioral Health

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Community and School Based Behavioral Health (CSBBH) services are for children and adolescents with severe emotional and/or behavioral challenges that interfere with the child’s learning. CSBBH services differ from traditional Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) because services are provided only during specific times of clinical need. CSBBH Team interventions may also be delivered to groups of eligible children, unlike BHRS where services must be delivered to a single eligible child.

The goal of the CSBBH team is to work collaboratively with the child’s school district and family to manage behaviors that impede the child’s ability to function well in school. Clinical services may include individual and group counseling, parenting sessions, family therapy, sibling support as well as behavior management planning, crisis intervention, and case management.

CSBBH team services are usually approved for up to six months, or for a school semester. A child needs to be eligible for Medical Assistance to qualify for CSBBH services and the childs school must be in a participating district.  New Story currently provides CSBBH services in the Pottsville and Minersville Area School Districts.

What is expected from me when my child receives CSBBH Team services?
•To be involved in your child’s treatment.
•To help the team understand your child’s strengths and needs.
•To attend evaluation appointments and interagency team meetings.
•To communicate with the team if you are having difficulties participating in treatment.
•To  communicate with the team if you have concerns regarding treatment.

Who provides the CSBBH Team Services?
The Mental Health Professional (MHP) is the lead clinician on the CSBBH team. MHPs hold a Master’s degree and a professional license. The MHP works with the child’s family, school personnel, and other professionals to develop a treatment plan that meets the child’s individual needs. The MHP also coordinates services across the school and home settings and clinically supervises the therapeutic interventions provided by the Behavioral Health Worker (BHW).

The Behavioral Health Worker (BHW) has a four year college degree and works under the clinical direction of the MHP.  The BHW works with the child in the home, school and community settings. The BHW implements the therapeutic interventions outlined in the child’s treatment plan.

A licensed psychologist or psychiatrist also provides consultation to the CSBBH team.

How do CSBBH Team Services get started?
If your child is attending a school district that participates in the CSBBH program, and you think your child can benefit from these services, contact your child’s school district directly. The CSBBH team will work with you and the school district to determine if your child is eligible for services.

Northeastern Pennsylvania Office Locations:
Minersville CSBBH Program
2880 Pottsville Minersville Pike, Ste. 150
Minersville, PA 17954

Telephone: (570) 544-9723
Fax: (570) 544-9724
Counties Served: Schuylkill

Minersville Area School District
Minersville Early Childhood Center
Minersville Elementary School

Pottsville Area School District
John S. Clarke Elementary School
D.H.H. Lengel Middle School