Children’s Family Based Mental Health Services

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Family Based Mental Health Services (FBMHS) are designed to integrate mental health treatment, family support services, and case management, in order for a family to continue to care for their child within their home environment. This program is for children that meet medical necessity criteria for FBMHS, require a higher level of care, and are at risk of an out of home placement without further intervention.

To receive FBMHS, children and adolescents must meet the following eligibility requirements:
• Child is under 21 years of age.
• The child has a serious mental illness or an emotional disturbance.
• The child is at high risk of out of home placement.
• The child or family is involved with multiple systems.
• The services must be prescribed as medically necessary by a physician, psychiatrist or licensed psychologist.
• At least one adult member of the family agrees to participate in the program.
Once accepted, the child and their family will be eligible initially for a 32-week service period.

FBMHS include:
• 24/7 Crisis Intervention
• Individual Therapy
• Family Therapy
• Case Management
• Family Support Services
• Advocacy
• Interagency Collaboration

Program Goals
The goal of the FBMHS is to strengthen the family unit by teaching parents and/or guardians how to care for their child or adolescent that is diagnosed with a severe mental health disorder while reducing the need for out of home placement.

By partnering with other support systems, the Family Based Team will help the family increase their access to supports available within their community. The team will also help the family build positive coping skills that will enable the family to better care for the child and preserve the family unit.

Family-Based Team
The Family Based Team is composed of the Program Director, a Mental Health Professional and a Mental Health Worker. This team ensures that services are well coordinated and delivered in an integrated manner.

Services are primarily provided in the family’s home, but may also take place in the child’s school and community environments. The Family Based Team will work with the family to identify all support systems that can be included in the child and family’s treatment. A primary goal of the Family Based Team is to increase positive interactions that can be sustained after treatment has ended.

Discharge and Aftercare Planning
Discharge and aftercare planning begin from the first day of service. Families that have adequate support upon discharge are more likely to maintain the gains made while in the program. Families are encouraged to become involved in their community and to access available resources. A family’s success is measured by their ability to sustain the family unit after treatment has ended.

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