Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Click here for a downloadable version of our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (PRS) Brochure

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services provides an opportunity for individuals to work towards increased success and satisfaction in all areas of their life including: living, learning, working and socialization.

The program offers individuals the opportunity to choose a range of wellness opportunities that support their treatment, rehabilitation, and overall recovery efforts.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation services are designed to strengthen and broaden the individuals’ knowledge of the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual practices to enhance their readiness for personal change and role recovery.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services offers a variety of opportunities throughout the day at different times to ensure individuals’ needs are met.

There is also opportunity for individuals, on a regular basis, to receive one to one support from the psychiatric rehabilitation staff.

Individuals may join a program at any time. Please contact us for a current schedule : 610-973-0971.


Criteria for Admission

An individual interested in the program must meet all of the following criteria:

  • at least 18 years of age, and
  • has the presence or history of serious mental illness, based upon medical records, and
  • as a result of mental illness, the individual must have a moderate to severe functional impairment that interferes with or limits any role performance in at least one of the following domains: educational, social, vocational, self-maintenance relative to the person’s ethnic/cultural environment, and
  • the individual chooses to participate in the program.


Admission Process

To participate, individuals need to complete the following required forms prior to intake:

  1. Application
  2. Written Recommendation (Criteria of Eligibility Form) completed by a licensed practitioner of the Healing Arts (see form for more information)

Once the required forms are received, the psychiatric rehabilitation staff will schedule a meeting with the individual to: review all completed forms, be oriented to the program, and review workshop areas of interest, policies, and expectations.

To help each individual achieve their goals, they will have the ongoing support of the psychiatric rehabilitation staff in group settings and individually.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation is offered in: Lehigh County, Northampton County and Monroe, Pike and Carbon Counties

For more information regarding Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services in Lehigh and Northampton Counties Please contact Jennifer Stine at  or 484-866-9303
Office Location: Salisbury Behavioral Health, 119 W. 4th St. Bethlehem, PA 18015

For more information regarding Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services in Monroe, Pike and Carbon Counties Please contact Dalilah Jusino at  or 570-422-6804